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I think every month has it charm so why not sum up each month in a post? Norway has four seasons and even though winter is my least favorite season, it still has some beautiful things to it. Right?

There are so many reasons why December is great. The weather gets colder and it becomes acceptable to sit around in footie pajamas and a Snuggie all day.  Here we go..

1. First it's my birthday on the 9th!!!! I love having birthday and I usually use my birthday as an excuse for a whole week not to do dishes or any other boring thing. Remember that your birthday is not only a day, it's atleast a week.

2. "It's the most wonderful time of the year." For those who celebrate Christmas, the whole month of December is spent listening to Christmas music, buying gifts and decorating the tree. So many things come with the Christmas season such as all of the best deals in the stores, warm fires, and family get-togethers.

3. A fuzzy blanket, Netflix, a warm fire and a steaming mug of hot chocolate is the perfect way to spend a cold December night.

4.  What would December be, if it wasn’t for all those amazing light decorations everywhere we go! It’s part of what makes December so magical! I love how they in Oslo covers the trees with christmas lights, it's so pretty.


5. Among the great things December brings us, it also gives us that first winter snow, turning the world into a winter wonderland!

6. Who doesn’t love themselves some good ol’ shopping time! Picking out gifts for our loved ones and wrapping them up, is always a fun mission!

7. You get to put on your best winter wear; boots, gloves, coats and hoodies! It’s time to dust them out of the closet because December means it’s officially winter time!


8. Holiday time means family time. It’s a time for us all, to spend a little bit more time with the people that we love and care about most.

9. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Christmas cookies, chocolate, good heavy meals. I LOVE christmas food.

10. It’s the end!…of the year. Maybe 2017 wasn’t your year, December marks the last month of the year, which means you are closer than ever to 2018 and all of the new beginnings that come with it.