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So we decided to go to Vilnius for a long weekend. Vilnius the baroque beauty of the Baltic.

We booked our trip with ryanair. It was my first trip ever with that company and it went well. Check out flights to Vilnius here. You can get tickets for 50€ roundtrip! 

We stayed at City Hotel Algirdas. This hotel had a perfect location, alot for the money and had comfy big beds. Will absolutely stay there again if I’m going back. Book the hotel here.



Shopping in Vilnius is very good! They got almost everything. We spent most of our time shopping inside the mall because it was raining alot and it was more tempting to be warm and under roof than strolling around in the rain. 

Akropolis. Around 10 minutes from the city. My favorite mall! It has around 200 stores like Berskha, Pull & Bear, Zara, Stradvarius,  Mango and you name it. You can spend hours here, so much to see! 


Outlet Park. We also went to Outlet park, around 10 min with Uber from Akropolis. They had very good prices on Nike and Adidas. We went a little crazy, both of us being sneakerheads. Bought 5 new pair of sneakers!  


Geminas Avenue. This is the main street of Vilnius, where most of the governmental institutions of Lithuania are concentrated, including the government. It is also the place of cultural institutions such as Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and so on. It is also a popular shopping and dining street. It was so cosy to walk around, look at the Lithaunian people, sit in the park with all the fall colors around us and eat crêpe with nutella at a café. 



Ok, I really was looking forward to go out and eat at restaurants. I barely do that in Norway. I did alot of research and found three restaurants I really wanted to try. 



THE TOWN. I made a reservation for this one and it was sure worth it. Ordered calliflower soup, fillet mignon and a bottle of red wine. Everything was absolutely perfect, the meat was so tender, the waiter was very friendly and we were taken good care of, the music was cosy and it was just an amazing evening all together! A bit more expensive than other restaurants in Vilnius but still cheap. Really worth a visit! 


Elfa Gastro Bar. A restaurant with streetfood vibes. We ordered quesadilla and smoked bbq texas burger with some beers and drinks! Very friendly staff, cool music and really something different. Perfect to start the evening here if you plan on getting in a party mood.... and the bill was only 16€! I still think about the food we ate, it was really that tasty! 


Sofa de pancho. This one we didn’t manage to go to but I want to recommend it regardless! I tried to book a table but it was fully booked. Make sure you book this some weeks before you go. Heard so much good about this restaurant and was so dissappointed when we could’t go! Mexican food is one of my favorites.  




Vilnius Cathedral. It is among the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. It is a classical masterpiece of the capital city of Lithuania. I actually got goosebumps and very touched when we walked inside. It was so beautiful!!  


Gedimina’s Castle. Located on a hill, Gedimina’s Castle offers a stunning, unobstructed view of the old town, well worth the easy walk up.


Other things to keep in mind: Uber is very cheap, 2-3 euroes for a 15 min ride. Lithuanian people are quite serious and not so service minded(I’m talking about shopping), we probably went to 30 stores and not once did they say hi or offer us help.  A bit aggy but it is what it is. When it comes to restaurants they were awesome! 

I would recommend to go there, it’s beautiful, different, cheap and interesting.  




viena diena Lietuvoje

viena diena Lietuvoje